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Michele - 19 - Westchester, NY - Visual Artist - I have an unhealthy obsession with beards and body hair.


Morgaine Faye (USA) - 1: Sleeping Dog, 2013  2: Idle Hands, 2013  3: Gilded Fool, 2012  4: La Luna, 2010  5: Floral Moon, 2013   Paintings: Mixed Media


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boys hands are so influential to me like they can make or break any boy even if you’re cute and have ugly hands there will always be a doubt in my mind

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Mad props to Weird Al for taking a disgusting rape anthem and turning into a catchy, Schoolhouse Rock-esque anthem about grammar

Also the video itself is great, too

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Berlinde De Bruyckere.:Suffering and Protection
Flemish sculptor creates sculptures and drawings of suffering human bodies that resemble nothing so much as reality. It mixes in his sculptures on religious grounds and media images and writes the Christian motif of the human suffering in the contemporary era. The confrontation with the body that engages the artist led to questions about the ethics of our society and are the place to fundamental questions about the nature of the human being.
These disturbing and uncannily lifelike sculptures by Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere are incredibly visceral and eerie. The repulsion instinctively triggered in the viewer comes from their verisimilitude, and the sense of reality of this nameless, grotesque, distorted, half-human, seemingly fluid flesh; combined with their beauty, the delicate, subtle mottling of colors, the pure realistic visceral fleshiness of the works, and their technical grace.

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